This is soooo funny!  Marty St Louis played for the Tampa Bay Lightning since forever but now he plays for the newyawkrangers… soooo tonight he must’ve become confused because he scored a goal FOR the Lightning!!!  And it counted.  HAHAHAHA!!!

200px-Tampa_Bay_Lightning_Logo_2011.svgScore right now with 8 minutes (more or less) to go in the first period… TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING 2   newyawkrangers 1


HAT TRICK!!!  Tampa Bay Lightning 3  and that other team…1

11:43 left in the 2nd period.  WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!!

UPDATE:  end of 2nd period…. TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING 3   newyawkrangers 2

ruh roh… and if these commentators could be ANY more biased for the new yawk team… good grief!!!  Let’s play FAIR guys or we’ll replace you with women!!!

Well… I might be eating some words here.  I thought these announcers sounded familiar!  Philadelphia Flyers announcers!!!  I grew up listening to them… now wait.  Let me reword that… I got OLDER listening to them! haha

Less than 2 minutes to go and it is now Lightning 6 and the other team from newyawk 2

Think it is safe to go to bed now?

Happy Victoria Day to all of my Canadian friends!!!  G’nite one & all 🙂

The LIGHTNING have struck – Yeah!!!

So this technically isn’t a genuine blog entry but I’m tired and I made a promise to y’all and I am so happy that my Lightning won tonight… they advance to the Eastern Conference Final in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!

Tampa Bay Lightning – 4

Montreal Canadians – 1

Sorry to all of my Canadian friends… SSSSSS… but WE WON!!!200px-Tampa_Bay_Lightning_Logo_2011.svg

This area gets more & more amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaZING all the time!

Could there be a more perfect place for this crazy sports loving life craving outdoors breathing creature known as ME than Central Florida?  Orlando has its very own MLS team – Orlando City Lions or Tigers or Rhinos… OH MY!  haha  Seriously, they’re the Orlando City Lions.  And check out their COLORS!!! PURPLE, Lurple, PURPLE!!!!


When I look at the team photo, I also see the colors of my favorite college but we won’t go there right now.  Clemson Tigers – WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Anyhow, I’m so proud of this team and excited about having another major league sports team so close to where I live.  And I can’t wait to go see a game in person.  Adding that to the list NOW…