This is soooo funny!  Marty St Louis played for the Tampa Bay Lightning since forever but now he plays for the newyawkrangers… soooo tonight he must’ve become confused because he scored a goal FOR the Lightning!!!  And it counted.  HAHAHAHA!!!

200px-Tampa_Bay_Lightning_Logo_2011.svgScore right now with 8 minutes (more or less) to go in the first period… TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING 2   newyawkrangers 1


HAT TRICK!!!  Tampa Bay Lightning 3  and that other team…1

11:43 left in the 2nd period.  WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!!

UPDATE:  end of 2nd period…. TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING 3   newyawkrangers 2

ruh roh… and if these commentators could be ANY more biased for the new yawk team… good grief!!!  Let’s play FAIR guys or we’ll replace you with women!!!

Well… I might be eating some words here.  I thought these announcers sounded familiar!  Philadelphia Flyers announcers!!!  I grew up listening to them… now wait.  Let me reword that… I got OLDER listening to them! haha

Less than 2 minutes to go and it is now Lightning 6 and the other team from newyawk 2

Think it is safe to go to bed now?

Happy Victoria Day to all of my Canadian friends!!!  G’nite one & all 🙂

The LIGHTNING have struck – Yeah!!!

So this technically isn’t a genuine blog entry but I’m tired and I made a promise to y’all and I am so happy that my Lightning won tonight… they advance to the Eastern Conference Final in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!

Tampa Bay Lightning – 4

Montreal Canadians – 1

Sorry to all of my Canadian friends… SSSSSS… but WE WON!!!200px-Tampa_Bay_Lightning_Logo_2011.svg

I make absolutely NO apologies for posting this… to my “Best of Friends”

I hear through the grapevine… excuse me… I hear it from every single direction right now that YOU are having an enormously awful day and the weather is horrid and you are cold and roads are treacherous and the lines at the grocery stores for milk, bread, eggs, etc. are unbelievably long.  I don’t “buy” the “unbelievably long” part – remember… I lived “up there” for 50 years…  anyhow…

It is shortly before 5 o’clock on the same day that you are experiencing the snow that is “soooo beautiful to look at from the comfort of your home” and our temperature just dropped from 85 to 84.  OH DEAR!!!

Y’all have a standing invitation to come visit me here in sunny Florida where the beaches are perfect and we are so friendly.  Not a single one of you would even have to make a hotel reservation!!!  JUST GET HERE!!!  I will even COOK for you!  But the rooms are still empty… so I don’t want to hear any more about it.

HAHAHAHA!!!  I’ll check in on you later… right now I am going outside in my bare feet to water the grass seed I scattered yesterday.  What a life… what a life… what a life… and YES!!! I AM rubbing it in 🙂

Do you still love me?  I love y’all 😉

Mindless post…

marty marty2 vinnie vinny-lecavalier-bolts

I just will never ever ever ever get accustomed to seeing these two in anything but Tampa Bay Lightning uniforms… but it was awesome seeing my two favorite hockey players on the same rink tonight!  GO FLYERS!!!