Quandary … or however you spell that word that means “kerfluffle”…

I’m in a huge kerfluffle or that other word that I am not sure I know how to spell correctly.  Talk about spelling… since I don’t know how to spell “misspell” correctly, I just say… spelled it incorrectly.  But once again I digress.  I’m good at digressing.  I’m also good at babbling.  Which should be 100% obvious here right now!!!  Anyhow.  About the kerfluffle.  Is that even a word?  I ask that question A LOT.  We used to call made up words “Gilisms” but that’s for another day.

Gil salute

I have been hungry for a Three Musketeer bar for DAYS now.  DAYS, I tell you!  Not just a candy bar.  No “any old” candy bar will do.  I am specifically hungry for a Three Musketeer bar.  The funny thing is this.  Since I went through chemo, I don’t even LIKE chocolate.  Before chemo it was like a food group to my body.  Now it tastes like eating acid.  Not that I ever truly have tasted acid.  But I can imagine… I’m good at imagining.  Oops.  Another digression.

3 musketeers

So my kerfluffle is this.  I would have to get dressed tonight (I am NOT sitting here naked.  I am ready to crawl into bed!) and get in the Tundra and drive somewhere to buy a Three Musketeer bar.  Heaven forbid if I would actually WALK to the little convenience store about a mile away.  Or ride my bike!  That would take exercise.  This is getting ridiculous.

my bike(This really IS my bike!  Isn’t it cute?)

Anyhow, I DO have a Betty Crocker fudgy brownie or is it fudgey brownie mix.  If I made them, I’d have enough chocolate treats for the next two weeks.  Which is a perfect amount of time… but that’s another digression.  But I would have to do all of that measuring and mixing and spreading and baking and the timing.  OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS… it tires me out just to think about all of that work!!!

fudge brownies

Sooooo I guess what I’ll do is drink a glass of water.  With a handful of M & M’s.  They’re left over from Christmas.  HAHAHA!!! That should really satisfy my longing for a Three Musketeer bar.  Right?


But THAT my friends is a topic for another day.  Right now I am tired after all of this thinking.

7 thoughts on “Quandary … or however you spell that word that means “kerfluffle”…

    1. When y’all come to Florida to visit Legoland, you and I will go for a bike ride. We’ll go to Publix and get Three Musketeer bars. It’s almost the same as riding or walking to the nearest ice cream shop. I mean, who doesn’t say on a regular basis, “Let’s ride bikes to Publix and buy Three Musketeer bars tonight”?
      I’ll let you ride my awesome bike… I’ll ride my old bike that I gave to the neighbors. They won’t mind. As long as I bring them a Three Musketeer bar when we come back home. We’ll top it off with a glass of cold water. And lemon.

    1. Oh thanks, Paul. NOW you tell me after I ate a handful of M&M’s and drank some water. Actually NOW I am hungry for macaroni & cheese. What is up with me today? LOL That’s a rhetorical question, by the way. I have kids so I know the answer to that question… or is it a quandary? But Publix is closed until 7 o’clock in the morning and I am NOT going to scratch just so I can make some macaroni & cheese! (Get it? SCRATCH? Made from scratch… I’m digressing again, eh?)

      1. Haha you’re hilarious. Don’t worry, the brownies will still be there tomorrow! And so will the mac & cheese. I’m sure your dreams will be full of food tonight.

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