Memorial Day…

Please do not think I am un-AMERICAN if I don’t participate this year.  Don’t get me wrong.  In my heart I am thankful for all who have served our beautiful country of The United States of America.  I am thinking of those families who have the names of loved ones engraved upon The Wall and other monuments throughout our capitals and home towns…   And I am thinking about my beloved Gil.  A LOT.

Gil proudly and VIGOROUSLY served our country for nearly 21 years through his service in the United States Navy.  The stories he would tell me were laced with his love for all things NAVY!

One of these days… and SOON… I will share with y’all “The Story of Gil”.  Nudge me and remind me sometime soon, please?  Today isn’t the day to wade into those waters…

Anyhow.  Today is the first Memorial Day I will spend without him since we first met that magical day in January of 2010.  I always fussed over him when Memorial Day would come around.  He was so uneasy with the fussing.  I can still hear him say to me in his VERY Southern drawl, “Quit making a fuss.  I’m not a hero.”  But he was MY hero.  He chose to serve.  He chose to serve when others were dodging the draft.  He served with dignity and honor.  He IS my HERO.

So, please forgive me for today.  And when you are thinking about those who went before us… please remember my sweet, precious, loving Gil.  You’d have loved him so much…

I love you, Babe.  And my heart still bursts with pride over you.

xoxoxx  shrimper

flag (2) Flag Gil - Carlisle Military School Gil - green card back Gil aboard ship US Navy Gil as a young sailor Gil Carolina shirt


Gil NTC Orlando Gil salute Mr and Mrs at last patch Valentines Day 2014

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day…

    1. Thank YOU, Steven. I’m so glad to meet you today & am looking forward to getting to know you.

      GO NAVY – 18 years and counting… then you will recognize the certificate hanging on the wall behind the “I LOVE YOU” banner!!! Shellback!!! God Bless!

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