Two Year Blogiversary Invitation

Join the party, friends!!! Let’s CELEBRATE our dear Captain… a.k.a. Paul 😉

The Captain's Speech

You are all cordially invited to the two year blogiversary of The Captain’s Speech.

Who: You
What: Two Year Blogiversary
Where: The Captain’s Speech
When: Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Why: It’s basically a holiday
What to bring: FOOD and a piñata 
Are gifts necessary?: What kind of party would this be without gifts?
Attire: Formal, so basically whatever you wear at home


Please Note:
Feel free to bring guests.
The party will start at midnight.
Don’t arrive early, but don’t be late, either.

I’ll be ordering the pizza. If everyone else can bring one food item, that would be great.

Please comment below what you’re bringing so people don’t bring the same thing twice.

If someone wants to get a cake, I’ll love you forever.

Thanks, friends!

P.S. No one is allowed to miss this. Book off work if you have to.


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