“Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”

I have the great honor of baking the CAKE for The Captain’s Speech blog party to be held at precisely the stroke of midnight, June 23rd… FUN!!!

Amazing_Huge_CakeEveryone within reading distance of the invitation is invited to join the fun, frivolity and festivities!!!

Here are some ideas I have found for the cake I am to bake…  AND (I had to insert an “AND”, Paul… in your honor!) am leaning toward the lopsided cakes.  Get it?  LEANING TOWARD!!!  hahahaha…

big-cake1253 big-cake1041 big-cake300

I am ESPECIALLY fond of this last one as it is my most FAVOURITE (I purposely spelled favorite this way since The Captain is Canadian and we Yanks know how they like to add those “u” letters to EVERYTHING!!) colour.  Periwinkle!  Yes!  There is such a color as periwinkle 🙂

keep calm and eat cakeNow, I need to put some great thought into this most honourable of responsibilities.  I am in a full fledged kerfluffle over this …. some word.  Opportunity!

let themJust for fun… I am adding this most disgusting of cakes.  Looking at this photo makes me want to throw up!

20110814-1056357-2Let me know your opinions and I shall get busy on this baking post haste!!!

What a party this shall be!!!

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