A Crash Course Lesson on Canadian Culture, Eh

My new favorite blogger…

The Captain's Speech

Canada FlagAlright kids, put on your snowsuits, wrap a scarf around your neck six times, wear three pairs of socks, thick boots, and the warmest toque in your closet because you are about to embark on a crash course lesson on Canadian culture.

Quickly, divide yourselves into teams of four; this will come in handy when we go bobsledding later.

I’ll start off by saying that I am a proud Canadian. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Alright, enough small talk. Let’s get into it.

I know how people view Canadians. Let me quickly sum it up.

Oh, they’re just a bunch of lumberjacks up there, eh. Sipping on their Tim Hortons and being polite to everyone even if their house is on fire, eh. No worries, eh. Just slurping maple syrup like it’s oxygen, eh. Playing hockey on a frozen lake in the winter with their red faces and stuffy noses…

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