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Young people join the military for various reasons. I loved my country, but I had ulterior motives for joining the Navy – a free education and the opportunity to travel. Many join the military to take advantage of such benefits. However, once in boot camp I was immediately introduced to the military mindset. I was immersed in a new lifestyle of honor, integrity, and courage. I emerged from an eight-week training cocoon not only proud to have the opportunity serve, but feeling blessed to have the privilege to serve with people of honor. It changed me – forever.

Throughout my first tour my love for this country deepened, and so did my love for my fellow service men and women. I wanted to give back to the country that took a chance on me. I proudly reenlisted several times and celebrated with others who chose to do the same. I…

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Memorial Day…

Please do not think I am un-AMERICAN if I don’t participate this year.  Don’t get me wrong.  In my heart I am thankful for all who have served our beautiful country of The United States of America.  I am thinking of those families who have the names of loved ones engraved upon The Wall and other monuments throughout our capitals and home towns…   And I am thinking about my beloved Gil.  A LOT.

Gil proudly and VIGOROUSLY served our country for nearly 21 years through his service in the United States Navy.  The stories he would tell me were laced with his love for all things NAVY!

One of these days… and SOON… I will share with y’all “The Story of Gil”.  Nudge me and remind me sometime soon, please?  Today isn’t the day to wade into those waters…

Anyhow.  Today is the first Memorial Day I will spend without him since we first met that magical day in January of 2010.  I always fussed over him when Memorial Day would come around.  He was so uneasy with the fussing.  I can still hear him say to me in his VERY Southern drawl, “Quit making a fuss.  I’m not a hero.”  But he was MY hero.  He chose to serve.  He chose to serve when others were dodging the draft.  He served with dignity and honor.  He IS my HERO.

So, please forgive me for today.  And when you are thinking about those who went before us… please remember my sweet, precious, loving Gil.  You’d have loved him so much…

I love you, Babe.  And my heart still bursts with pride over you.

xoxoxx  shrimper

flag (2) Flag Gil - Carlisle Military School Gil - green card back Gil aboard ship US Navy Gil as a young sailor Gil Carolina shirt


Gil NTC Orlando Gil salute Mr and Mrs at last patch Valentines Day 2014

This Scripture is today’s Encouraging Word from K-Love… because it moved my heart so much, I am sharing with you – my special friends…

This is real love – not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins.

1 John 4:10

How can we ever say “Thank You” enough?

How can we ever fully grasp this concept?

How can we ever return this love?

We can’t.  We simply can’t.

We can just “Do” – for that is all He expects from us…

Love One Another

I love you…

“Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”

I have the great honor of baking the CAKE for The Captain’s Speech blog party to be held at precisely the stroke of midnight, June 23rd… FUN!!!

Amazing_Huge_CakeEveryone within reading distance of the invitation is invited to join the fun, frivolity and festivities!!!

Here are some ideas I have found for the cake I am to bake…  AND (I had to insert an “AND”, Paul… in your honor!) am leaning toward the lopsided cakes.  Get it?  LEANING TOWARD!!!  hahahaha…

big-cake1253 big-cake1041 big-cake300

I am ESPECIALLY fond of this last one as it is my most FAVOURITE (I purposely spelled favorite this way since The Captain is Canadian and we Yanks know how they like to add those “u” letters to EVERYTHING!!) colour.  Periwinkle!  Yes!  There is such a color as periwinkle 🙂

keep calm and eat cakeNow, I need to put some great thought into this most honourable of responsibilities.  I am in a full fledged kerfluffle over this …. some word.  Opportunity!

let themJust for fun… I am adding this most disgusting of cakes.  Looking at this photo makes me want to throw up!

20110814-1056357-2Let me know your opinions and I shall get busy on this baking post haste!!!

What a party this shall be!!!

Two Year Blogiversary Invitation

Join the party, friends!!! Let’s CELEBRATE our dear Captain… a.k.a. Paul 😉

The Captain's Speech

You are all cordially invited to the two year blogiversary of The Captain’s Speech.

Who: You
What: Two Year Blogiversary
Where: The Captain’s Speech
When: Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Why: It’s basically a holiday
What to bring: FOOD and a piñata 
Are gifts necessary?: What kind of party would this be without gifts?
Attire: Formal, so basically whatever you wear at home


Please Note:
Feel free to bring guests.
The party will start at midnight.
Don’t arrive early, but don’t be late, either.

I’ll be ordering the pizza. If everyone else can bring one food item, that would be great.

Please comment below what you’re bringing so people don’t bring the same thing twice.

If someone wants to get a cake, I’ll love you forever.

Thanks, friends!

P.S. No one is allowed to miss this. Book off work if you have to.


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This is soooo funny!  Marty St Louis played for the Tampa Bay Lightning since forever but now he plays for the newyawkrangers… soooo tonight he must’ve become confused because he scored a goal FOR the Lightning!!!  And it counted.  HAHAHAHA!!!

200px-Tampa_Bay_Lightning_Logo_2011.svgScore right now with 8 minutes (more or less) to go in the first period… TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING 2   newyawkrangers 1


HAT TRICK!!!  Tampa Bay Lightning 3  and that other team…1

11:43 left in the 2nd period.  WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!!

UPDATE:  end of 2nd period…. TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING 3   newyawkrangers 2

ruh roh… and if these commentators could be ANY more biased for the new yawk team… good grief!!!  Let’s play FAIR guys or we’ll replace you with women!!!

Well… I might be eating some words here.  I thought these announcers sounded familiar!  Philadelphia Flyers announcers!!!  I grew up listening to them… now wait.  Let me reword that… I got OLDER listening to them! haha

Less than 2 minutes to go and it is now Lightning 6 and the other team from newyawk 2

Think it is safe to go to bed now?

Happy Victoria Day to all of my Canadian friends!!!  G’nite one & all 🙂

The Second Time Around

I still love the words Gil asked after he proposed to me… “Can we have a marriage & not a wedding?” And that, my friends, is what we had that beautiful first day of May in 2012…

Morning Story and Dilbert

Morning Story and Dilbert Vintage Dilbert
May 18, 1998

I lay in my hospital bed, eyes filled with tears as I stared longingly at the crisp October sky. This was my long-awaited wedding day. But I wouldn’t be strolling down the aisle in my white satin gown as planned.

I dated Yates for six years, during high school and part of college. We were the proverbial high-school sweethearts. He was my first love and I his. Young and naive, we discovered we each had dreams that required pursuits down different paths. So, we choose to part ways.

For a decade, Yates and I lived separate lives, with different geographies and different experiences. Several failed relationships and many mistakes later, we each discovered an unexplainable void within our lives and within ourselves.

After almost ten years of no contact, Yates reached me through my mother. We reunited and immediately realized what we had been missing…

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A Pastor’s Apology To The Single Community

This needs to be printed in every single church bulletin and newsletter and reprinted over & over again until the message is received.

john pavlovitz


This is a message to all those who are single or who have spent any years in the Church as a single person.

As a pastor who has served in local church ministry for the past 17 years, I wanted to apologize to you on behalf of so many of us who minister and who too often have failed you.

I am deeply sorry.

I’m sorry for the ways we unintentionally distanced you from community; the times that we overlooked your deep needs and your unique challenges as we planned and prepared.

I’m sorry for the times we relegated you to the segregated ghettos of Singles Ministry, making you feel that was enough to hold you over until you eventually graduated from your relational purgatory.

I’m sorry for the times you felt like an afterthought in our worship services. 

I’m sorry for the times you felt unwelcome or extraneous in our small groups.

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Casey Anthony – REALLY? WHO CARES?

BIG NEWS… Casey Anthony has been spotted in Florida.  I’m serious.  They just did a news spot on the local NBC station about this NEWS.  They interviewed some lady with a VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY northern (as in New Yawk or Bahhhstun) accent… the reporter asked if she had seen Casey Anthony in her neighborhood and the lady being interviewed went on and on in saying how wonderful her neighborhood is and how everybody keeps their properties clean.  Soooo I guess she was insinuating that Casey Anthony hadn’t been there?  WHATEVER!!!