Opinion: Sad State of Affairs

I’m on a rant now… I just heard this on the news…

a little girl in Maine was lonely.

She had NO friends.

best friends2So what did she do?

Talk to Mom?  Nope.  Talk to Dad?  Nope.  Talk to her teacher?  Nope.  Talk to her Sunday School teacher?  Nope.  Talk to her Pastor?  Nope.

She wrote a letter to the President of the United States… letter to obama

Pardon me for saying this but WHAT have we come to here in our beloved America?  A little girl is lonely and she turns to somebody she only knows from seeing on television for advice?

Now, her thought process is pretty unique for a girl her age… she figured that he had to meet lots of people because “he has to go lots of places”…


Crazy… just crazy…  It’s pretty sad when we don’t have time for one another.  It’s pretty sad when “friends” come from a website instead of from your community, neighborhood, church…

best friends heartThis little girl goes to a private Catholic school.  Saint Thomas School in Sanford, Maine.  I got nosy and went to the school’s website… just to see what they’re all about… on their “about” page this is one of the statements:

“Social Science focuses those skills on understanding cultures and learning how a community lives.”

Sorry, but I’m laughing here!


Check it out. It’s right here: http://saintthomassanford.org/aboutus/aboutus.aspx

I just don’t get it… not even one bit… unfortunately I DO “get it” but I am NOT going to write a letter to the White House asking for friendship advice.

Sad… Sad… Sad…

best friendsGod help us all…


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