Well, last night before I drifted off to sleep, I ONCE AGAIN told myself, “Self?  Now remember.  You do NOT have to wake up before the Break of Dawn (or Carol or Becky or Nancy or anybody else for that matter… sorry, being silly here!) tomorrow so turn off the infernal internal alarm clock.  Got it?”

“Got it” I said back to myself.

2See… for over one straight week I HAD to be up before or around 5 o’clock every morning.  I promised to not mention “a certain activity” any more so you’ll just have to figure out why I was getting up so early on those air show days.  HAHAHA!!!  Snuck it in… funny…

OhMyGoodness!  This morning!  FIVE TWENTY A.M. I WOKE UP AGAIN!  Please, for all things Holy and Right…. WHY???

4aSo my infernal internal clock is saying… GET UP!!!  GET UP!!!  GET UP!!!

But my body is saying… GO AWAY!!!7

And my head is telling me… You’re NOT a Baroness and you do NOT have a staff.  You want that hot tea?  Get your massive butt out of bed and make it yourself.

5aGo figure…  Why can’t I be a Baroness or have a staff… wahhh…

Soooooooooooooooooooooo…. here I am again…6

Most mornings, no matter what time is on the clock, I wake up like this…

1aRip Roaring and Ready to FACE THE DAY!  To SEIZE the day!!!  Why that isn’t happening today, I haven’t a clue.   I mean, I get to go to the DMV department later this morning!  What could be more exciting?  (Actually I AM excited about this trip but that is a topic for yet another post 🙂 )

6aI don’t have a dog.  I don’t have a cat.  I don’t have a fish.  I DO have some plants but I watered them yesterday… WHY is my head so ready and willing yet my body is so unable to get up and start moving this morning?

3OKay… OKay… OKay… I’m up.  I have my hot tea.  I have done my “click-click” thing on the Breast Cancer Site.  I’ve heard the weather forecast.  I’ve texted with a friend… teehee… she HAS to be up before the Break of Dawn…

8Let’s Get This Show On The Road!!!

Now if only my PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES would just do the same thing…

5(That was totally irrelevant but makes sense to me…)

It’s time to get up, It’s time to get up, It’s time to get up in the morning!!!

2aI really DO hope that your day is a totally amaaaaaaaaaaaaZING one!


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