OKay… “S”… here is your challenge… TOP THIS!!! hahahaha…

My dearest “S”… you know who you are little lady from Canada…  You have been posting photos of OUTRAGEOUS foods and drinks all day today.  Therefore my pathetic task of eating leftovers from my fridge is just not feeding my hunger pangs.  Neither is the bag of potato chips I am munching on right now.  HAHA

So IF I were to cook tonight, here is what I would be cooking.  TOP THIS!

green beans penne 280x190_ew_plank_grilled_salmon_recipe

That is too funny… look how the photos progressively grew from left to right!  I didn’t do that on purpose.

BUT… we have sauted green beans with some white stuff sprinkled on top.  Could be slivers of almonds or cheese or mold.  I’m betting on the mold.  Not really.  Then you have a delightful penne pasta salad with homemade vinaigrette dressing and fresh veggies.  FINALLY, the piece de resistance (I’m trying to sound sophisticated here) you have the salmon.  Created on a plank.  Walk the plank then use it to cook.

Then, for dessert, there would be Baked Alaska or Flaming something or Flan.  Or potato chips.

So… girly girl… now it is YOUR turn.  Top This!  Really.  Try to top this!!!  hahaha


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