What an awesomely awesome day!!! Blue Angels :)

Is this an incredible photo or what?  Not that I’m such a great photographer, that’s not what I meant.  Just the American flag coming from the sky with a parachuting guy.  HAHA… nice terminology there!  Anyhow.  It was a perfectly perfect Florida day (sorry Stella, but I HAVE to mention the perfectly perfect Florida weather.  It’s a law or something!)  And apparently I am into using similar words twice in sentences tonight.  hahaha

DSCN0911 DSCN0929

But… if you EVER have the opportunity to see the UNITED STATES NAVY Blue Angels (I might be a bit partial to this team… for some strangely strange reason…) GO SEE THEM!  They’ll make your heart stop beating but then it starts up again.

I would write more but right now I can barely remember my own name.  Plus, the pizza dude just delivered my pizza.  Pizza dude and pizza.  I’m at it again.  haha


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