I have a MAJOR case of “the sillies” right now!

Courtesy of my junk email box, I suddenly am feeling super silly!  I kind of feel like that stuff that comes out of an aerosol can that kids like to spray – Silly String!

Anyhow… I just emptied my junk half an hour ago and guess what?  Well, these people must know something that I don’t because it is filled up again with emails offering me Viagra and Cialis.

  viagra cialis

Now, please bear with me through this whole thing but today is kind of a “day” in my life and Viagra and Cialis are not on my list of things to be thinking about.  So, in looking for photos to enhance this blurb, I found some of the funniest stuff.  At least they are funny to me.  If you don’t like them, please change the channel NOW.  HAHA

            cialis scrubbing bubbles cialis painting

cialis auditionsSo if you get frustrated with the paint job your husband did…


If you are too busy using Scrubbing Bubbles on your bathtubs


If you miss the auditions…

viagara keep calm

And always read the “fine print”….


This probably made no sense whatsoever but I feel better now after having a mini-rant and that’s all that matters to me right now!  hahaha…


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