Melbourne Air & Space Show… I lied… haha

I didn’t intentionally lie when I posted that I would be taking photos and sharing them tonight.  But there are no photos to share from my camera 😦  The reason being… I was too busy doing my “job” to even get the camera out of its case!

So, I’ll share some links that are fabulous… especially the photos of the Blues flying over Cinderella’s Castle at Disney here in Florida.

While I was at the Washington Nationals game today, I had so many people showing me the photos they took of the Blue Angels as they flew over homes.  Who knew that so many people would be home in the middle of the day on a work day?  And how many photos of the Blues can one person see and act completely astonished and interested?  LOL  I’ll be seeing the bellies of the Blues in my sleep tonight.

Speaking of that word, “sleep”… I’d better get at it.  The wake-up time is in but a few hours from now… I’ll try real hard to take some photos tomorrow.  It should be an exciting day & I am totally thrilled to be a small part of it all.  God has given me a unique opportunity and I am thankful to Him 🙂

G’nite and God Bless!


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