Ten Line Love Poem Challenge

My former friend Stella, a.k.a. gypsyess, challenged me to this silly love poem writing thing.  I had to write an original 10 line poem with the word “love” in it.  Nice.  Thanks so much, S.  hahahaha  I’m just kidding about the “former” part.  So this is what I wrote.  Oh, and you also could add a favorite quote or something.  It was at this point in reading the instructions that I got confused.  Heck, I stay confused…  So here is my attempt to be poetic & I plan to keep my day job even though I am no longer working… HAHA

That awful day we met online  

everything in my life was going fine                                                                                     

I didn’t want love. I didn’t want like                                                                                    

I simply wanted to ride my new bike.                                                                          

Your words made me laugh until I cried                                                                            

I was falling in love but I still denied                                                                              

the racing heart, my thumping head                                                                                

All I could do was plop on my bed.                                                                              

Then six months later we met face-to-face,                                                                    

We both fell hard but ended up in outer space.

That’s my story & I’m sticking to it.


6 thoughts on “Ten Line Love Poem Challenge

    1. YOU can say that because you know the whole story… from beginning to end… and the characters… so I guess I would say that you have insight. What rhymes with insight. How about BITE? hahaha

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