watching aloneFor many, too many, years of my 61 years on earth, I have watched life from the sidelines.  While others LIVED, I watched.  I was the one who made things happen for others.  I’m a giver, not much of a taker.  That life is OKay for a while but sooner or later you want to be OUT THERE.  You want to participate, too.  You don’t want to be the last kid who is chosen for the team.

merry go round

The man who runs the Merry-Go-Round has a great view… he pushes the buttons that give the riders so much joy and pleasure.  He stands in the center of the action and watches those beautifully painted horses go round and round and round about him.  As long as he follows the instructions, everything runs smoothly.

But IMAGINE!!! What if one day he pushes the buttons and instead of the horses going round and round and round… the horses decide to JUMP OFF!!!

merry go round horses jumping

That’s me… those horses who are going to jump off from the dizzying merry-go-round.  I’m going to be the girl who grabbed the BRASS RING!!!

merry go round brass ring


in field alone

Life truly was meant to be lived.  God made it that way…

He created this beautiful earth for us to ENJOY!

God doesn’t care if we get our clothing dirty.

He doesn’t care if we play in the creek where the cows pee.

He will protect us from the snakes that might nip at our feet.

So bye-bye Merry-Go-Round… it’s been a good ride but I’m tired of spinning in circles and going nowhere.


God has plans for me… plans to prosper and not to harm… plans filled with HOPE and a FUTURE… but I can’t grab that life if I sit and do nothing.  I need to do my part.  So WATCH OUT WORLD… HERE SHE COMES!!!


2 thoughts on “I pledge to LOVE THE LIFE I LIVE…

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Rellick. Maybe I should reread my posts more often because I really needed it today again. HAHA LOVE your blog, by the way. 🙂

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