MORE of … LIVING LIFE and LOVING it, too!!!


Soooo… when God “needs” them back it leaves those of us who choose to TRUST God in ALL things wondering… well, just wondering.  And sometimes wandering.


And you think… feel… believe that you just can NOT go on.  But you do.  You take one step at a time… one foot first then the other… not too much different from doing the Hokey Pokey.  Actually it’s nothing like doing the Hokey Pokey but I like to throw that into my conversations every now and then… AND BEFORE YOU KNOW IT…


YES!!!  You are DANCING… you are LOVING… you SING!!! and you LIVE again!!!

And you find a reason to keep on going for one more day because you love Him so very much, you trust in Him and He is holding your hand… and that is priceless.

pricelessand… next thing… you know… you are willing to…

quote book on tumblr Take A Chance


2 thoughts on “MORE of … LIVING LIFE and LOVING it, too!!!

    1. Oh Heavens…. S… and here I thought you were my FRIEND. Well, at least I’ll have something to think about at 4 in the morning when I can’t sleep. HAHAHA

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