Dear God, I truly do want to be “hopelessly devoted to you”,

Yes, I know.  That phrase was made popular back in the late 70’s in the movie “Grease” which is far from good Christian material.  I “Binged” the lyrics and, in a strange way, the words from that love ballad could be a song sung by God to me.  He is HOPELESSLY devoted… I mean HOPELESSLY devoted to me.  Am I devoted to Him?  I want to be, I really do want that in my life.  I even want to be HOPELESSLY devoted to Him!

Before you can be something, you need to know what that thing is, what it means.  I looked up “devotion” in my Bible’s concordance.  There’s not much there but what is there is solid and to the point.

  • Get rid of anything that hinders your devotion (loyalty) to God… Joshua 7:10-12
  • Are you loyal to God only when other believers are present… Joshua 2:16-19
  • The women after Christ’s crucifixion… Mark 15 and following
  • After Lazarus was raised from the dead they swarmed Jesus but their fascination quickly faded… John 12

I could go to Webster’s dictionary to find the definition of the word but, in all honesty, I have enough of the true meaning of the word.  These four references alone are enough to convict me at this point in time that I am far from being the fully devoted follower of Christ that I want to be and should be in my life.

This isn’t meant to be a confession.  I’m not Catholic and don’t understand the whole confession process but I had to admit this morning that I am a real mess.  The past few days I have awakened with a sick, strange feeling in my heart and stomach.  This morning, God called to me and said, “Yoohoo?  Remember me?  Remember our special times together?”  He was calling me to join Him and to come away with Him.

Not that I have totally forgotten God.  But have I been hopelessly devoted to Him?  Nope.  Have I given Him the time in each day that He truly deserves?  Nope.  Have I kept my eyes on Him?  Nope.

I’ve “done” my devotions each day… read the scriptures & the commentary… I’ve prayed off and on… mostly off…  Heck, one day I actually looked at my “to do” list and said, “Well, I will wait to do my devotions until I do” (insert whatever it was that was more INTERESTING right here) “and then I can give God my full attention.”  How dumb is THAT?

Every time I have started to type “HOPELESSLY” (it just happened again!)… my fingers have tried to type HOPEFUL.  God is winking at me.  He’s telling me that He is HOPEFUL that I will return to the “best friend” relationship we have had in the past.  He hasn’t given up on me.  I’m not giving up on me, either.

Those four scriptures have kicked me where I need to be kicked this morning.  So, off I go to that quiet place where only God and I are invited…  because I want to be HOPELESSLY devoted to Him.


2 thoughts on “Dear God, I truly do want to be “hopelessly devoted to you”,

  1. Awesome blog post! I came across this post when I was searching for a deeper meaning behind the words “hopelessly devoted.” If you are interested, I write Bible devotionals a few times every month and post them on my blog. I would really appreciate it if you checked it out. Thanks again for the blog post and may God richly bless you!

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