Today is Chasing Dandelions Day!!!

According to my StoryPeople calendar… today is CHASING DANDELIONS DAY!!!

So get out there and chase some of those little whispy seeds and cut some dandelions to put in a crystal vase on your counter… unless you are “up north”… in that case you are just out of luck.  Oh well…

Tuesday was “Burst Into Spontaneous Song Day”… so I did it and the neighbors stared and, well… it just wasn’t all that pretty.  HAHAHAHA!!!

dandelions field

AND… who doesn’t just LOVE a child’s hand filled with “pretty flowers” given as a gift?


Happy Chasing Dandelions Day!!!


3 thoughts on “Today is Chasing Dandelions Day!!!

  1. Hey there grammy53 ` great posts as usual. This one has some adorable photos and love the words. Guess what……….seems the starlings left for Russia the day before I got to my Mums!!! Maybe next year eh 🙂

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