“Simple Things” that distracted me from “The List” today…

“Things” on a list are meant to have a line drawn through them, right?  So, for today I made an executive decision to draw a line straight through “the list”.  No regrets for what I have NOT accomplished.  Sometimes days come along where you just throw caution to the wind and walk back into being a child again… A shirt I made has this quote on it, “Being an adult was the dumbest thing I ever did.”  Only for a short period of time in life do we wish to be older… usually during those “tween” and “teen” years.  Once we hit the threshold of adulthood, we say… Whoa Baby!  Take me back!  But there is no turning back.  Life? Excuse me for taking this day to be a child again.  I needed some time to get my head on straight… to think things through as only a child can… to learn to daydream again… tomorrow I’ll be an adult again.  Maybe.

So for today I will endlessly listen to my playlists on YouTube…Youtube-LogoIt’s supposed to be upside down because this is what started my being distracted early this morning… teehee… imagine a musician being distracted by music!!!  Fancy that!!!

Then there were the gardening & flower books… honestly, they just FELL off of the shelf.

outside purple        outside

It all started with the sun shining brightly outside the kitchen window… and the ground that I freshly turned getting ready to make magic happen…

Bible    journal

And… reading today’s devotions and writing in my journal… God’s word has a way of changing your perspective on the day.  He ALWAYS knows what we need the most, ALWAYS…

thinking         Then maybe some thinking about life set in… yeah… it did.  And this wasn’t the kind of thinking that goes on in a child’s head.  This is serious thinking… God thinking… wisdom seeking… beyond my abilities thinking…  hurts, pains, wondering but not wandering…

to doTomorrow… the list… I’ll pay attention then.  Maybe…

Until then… I sing, “Lord have your way in me…”, “I surrender, I want to know You more…”, “Like a rushing wind Jesus breathe within…”, “Like a mighty storm stir within my soul”…

Maybe this wasn’t as childlike of a day as it first appeared… this is adult stuff… but with a childlike faith.  And isn’t that what He wants from us the most?  A childlike faith and an adult heart.  Simple love.  Thank you, Jesus.


2 thoughts on ““Simple Things” that distracted me from “The List” today…

    1. LOTS of purple going into those flower beds this year, C. LOTS – different from last year’s purple… I’m an equal opportunity purple flower planter. haha

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