Some more of my “Simple Things”

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens… I just really like that song… 🙂

OKay… so a few for today since I’ve been a slacker the past couple of days.  I have a good reason and you’ll just have to trust that I am telling the truth!


So this is a long “simple” one…

  • kites… specifically my snowflake kite just like they have in the Starbucks commercials from a few years ago 🙂
  • The beach and warm sunshine and no snow or sleet or rain.  Unless you count my kite which is a snowflake!
  • Doing something constructive for a change and making a little bit of a difference in my corner of the world.
  • Candy bars
  • side
  • No hashtags in my world.  LOL  I don’t even understand that language!
  • Tomorrow.

And THOSE, my friends, are what I am simply thankful for at this very moment in time after a lovely day 🙂  I hope yours was lovely too!!!  God Bless 🙂


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