Nutrition question…

chips oj

This was my lunch.

Does it qualify as a fruit and a vegetable?

I also had a yogurt for breakfast.

And actually remembered to take my iron tabs, Vit C and the multi-vit, too!

WOW!!! I’m on a roll today!!!


4 thoughts on “Nutrition question…

  1. I get the joke, but to give you a straight answer, yes it counts as you have potatoes and oranges, only that they have been processed so it won’t give you the health benefits. You’ve got yourself some fries and some squeezed oranges. Well played! :))

  2. I’m thankful that I remembered to eat anything at all today! I have this strange forgetfulness about eating and then we wonder why my iron is low… thanks for the info. So, in essence, I had part of a Happy Meal from McD’s!!!

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