Prayer – Three Ways


After the worship service this morning, we were invited to pick up this Prayer reminder that is so much more than a cute little silicone bracelet.  You’ve seen them everywhere, I’m sure… every color known to mankind and most of the colors represent something.  I can’t tell you how many pink bracelets I have been given in the thirteen years since my cancer diagnosis!

But this bracelet is so special.  It will serve as an ever present reminder to PRAY FIRST, PRAY OFTEN and PRAY RIGHT.  Now, I can do the first two MOST of the time… I’m learning, let’s put it that way.  The third part… PRAY RIGHT… I’m not so sure…

Too often my prayers sound like a shopping list or a list that a child would give to Santa Claus.  God, will you do this for me… God, will you make this happen… God, will you heal this person… or how about the prayers that go something like a “wheeler dealer” exchange with God… “God, if you do X, then I’ll do Y… I promise…”

But I will wear this pretty blue bracelet proudly and ask God to use it for His honor and glory and maybe it will start a few conversations with some people.  And maybe those “somebodies” will be needing my prayers.   I sure hope so!


2 thoughts on “Prayer – Three Ways

  1. my prayers at tme sound like a shopping list as well. but then when I think about it I look at the things I am asking for in prayer. Trying not to let it be about what I need but what others need. Even if they are connected to me in some kind of way.

  2. Great point, Desiray. Thank you. I have intentionally been trying to grow in my prayer life – to pray without ceasing, always being in an attitude of prayer, laying it all at the foot of the cross… but that is HARD stuff. This morning I was especially convicted about praying for others more than I pray for me. I like your viewpoint & it really helps me, too. Blessings 🙂

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