The Simple Things

Who among us doesn’t remember “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music?  Raindrops on roses… whiskers on kittens… bright copper kettles & warm woolen mittens… the list is so beautiful yet so simple.  I rarely pick up a piece of blue satin ribbon when I am sewing and don’t think about this song.

The Sound of Music

Life has become so complicated.  What happened to the simple things?  Oh, they’re still there.  We just forget to notice them because… well, we’re so busy being busy.

My Favorite Things

So I am sitting here tonight thinking about what are some of my “simple” things.  What would I put into “My Favorite Things” song?  What would YOU put into your song?

  • Friends who don’t care if you call at any time of the day or night…
  • The sound of the hawk in the neighbors’ tree early every morning…
  • “Thinking of you” cards in the mail…
  • Trust…


These are a few of my favorite things…


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