WHAT is this world coming to? Cheez-Whiz, REALLY?

OKay… so what brought on THIS rant?  I just got an email from one of the popular restaurants around here.  They’re advertising their Philly Cheesesteak with a photo and it is topped with CHEEZ-WHIZ!!!  What on earth?  In over 50 years of eating REAL Philly cheesesteaks – mostly at Philadelphia Phillies games – I NEVER ate one with that fake processed crap melted over the top of the delectable thinly sliced real steak and onions …….. Ohhhh this is before breakfast and I’m talking dinner?  I’m digressing again… sorry… mea culpa…

Soooo… I went wandering around Bing and found out something that scares the living daylights out of me.  “Pat’s”, who formerly (as in before right now) was my favorite “go to” place in Philly for cheesesteaks now uses CHEEZ-WHIZ!!!  This is their quote… “Pat Olivieri’s nephew Frank Olivieri said that he uses “the processed cheese spread familiar to millions of parents who prize speed and ease in fixing the children’s lunch for the same reason, because it is fast.” Cheez Whiz is “overwhelmingly the favorite” at Pat’s, outselling runner-up American by a ratio of eight or ten to one, while Geno’s claims to go through eight to ten cases of Cheez Whiz a day.

Now we know where the procurers of the ingredients buy said ingredients.  Sam’s or Costco or some other big warehouse place.  REALLY?  I’m devastated, to say the least. OKay, I’m being overly dramatic again but… REALLY?

Of course I know this doesn’t mean much to you NOW since I’m living in Florida!  The Mason-Dixon line is way way way far away in my rearview mirror.  I know, I’m on another path here again but that’s how my brain works.  I’m just so messed up over this Cheez-Whiz revelation.

Next thing you know we’ll be hearing that they’re using Wonder bread instead of the freshly baked Amoroso rolls.  What is this world coming to… I mean REALLY?

p.s. Do you know why it is called “Wonder” bread?


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