Day 10. Proudest moment. 

My new friend, Gypsyess, posted this just now. And a lot of days I don’t even want to drive to the store because I’m all alone… Great post, Gypsyess, and thank you for inspiring me. xoxoxx

Wonder Of My Worlds

Day 10 of my 30 day challenge is to write about my proudest moment. This has me “feeling some type of way” hahaha. As I try to think of my life, all almost 27 years of it, I am left to wonder what the proudest moment is. I don’t want to give a typical answer because that’s just now how my mind works. I honestly think the proudest moment of my life was when I got up and decided to book a last minute trip to Europe (the UK,Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and Germany) and go all alone. I don’t know if it’s sad that my proudest moment is a vacation hahaha but it is. Yes, I’m glad that I got to see all those wonderful places and experience the different cultures, but my main sense of pride comes from getting up and going somewhere new…

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