HaHaHa… so too many posts today. I BURNED THE BACON… AGAIN!

Maybe I should become a vegetarian.  Cause I did it again… AGAIN.  Dinner tonight was planned with yearning all day.  Bacon… yummmm… Lettuce… nice & fresh & crispy and TOMATO sandwich.  And since I live in beautiful, WARM Florida (where the Plant City strawberries are coming into season NOW – the festival just started!), the tomatoes are FRESH.

Burned the bacon.  Lovely.

The fresh head of lettuce which I had not yet opened… science experiment anyone?

Tomatoes… gulp.  I “forgot” to go to Publix today.  HOW can a person FORGET to go to the grocery store?  I can.

Soooo the choices tonight are burnt bacon on bread with lots & lots of mayonnaise or McD’s for yet another Happy Meal.  The neighbor kids love my fetish for McD’s HMs.  I wonder how keen they are about burnt bacon???

But even with all of this disaster, I am thankful. I have choices. I have food. I have a very warm home. I have dirty pans which are the result of trying to cook bacon.

For all of this and more, I am extremely thankful…


3 thoughts on “HaHaHa… so too many posts today. I BURNED THE BACON… AGAIN!

  1. You could of chopped your burnt bacon up, cooked up some chicken, gone to the ‘grocery store’ purchased some lovely fresh tomatoes and lettuce and made a delightful little Caesar salad!

  2. Yep….forget to go the the shop ~ tick yes. Forget to do almost everything a ‘normal’ person remembers by instinct but doesn’t realise ~ tick yes. That is me and has been for about a year now and the consequences have all culminated now to a place that is scary as hell! Anyhow, forgetting stuff is not just for the ‘getting older’ brigade or poor dementia victims, it happens as well cos something in your brain has become unwired. I so hope this happens to none else I know and if it did, would I remember? Ha ha thanks for the smile your article raised 🙂

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