Bubbles & Reflections – there’s a “lesson” in here, I think…

So my mind is wandering all over the place today… ANYHOW… I just walked out into the kitchen and God gave me another “WINK”.  I love how He does that on such a regular basis 🙂

Look at the sparkly bubbles in my water bottle!  It’s like God is saying… stick with me kiddo and you’ll be BUBBLING over with JOY!!!  Hey, I’m already feeling so bubbly over Him… can’t wait to catch this ride!

BUT… I had really become attracted to bubbles and sparkly things the past five years. Maybe it was because my heart had started to bubble so much and life was more sparkly than it had ever been before that day in January 2010…  When we’d go on cruises, I’d always take my “magic wand” of bubbles (pink or purple, of course!) and wave it around as we were leaving the ports.  Some sour puss old ladies would give me their best nasty eye darts but I didn’t care.  Kids LOVED them – kids of ALL ages.

Now, look at the reflection of the stained glass in the countertop!  Another “WINK”.  God is reminding me to be a colorful reflection of Him in this world.  No lukewarm milk toast colors here.  Vibrant jewel tones!  Wow!

Thank you, God.  After feeling really stupid because I mistook the corner cupboard for the microwave, I needed a few “WINKS” from you.  HAHAHA!!!

Wink… Wink… Wink…  I love you!


2 thoughts on “Bubbles & Reflections – there’s a “lesson” in here, I think…

  1. Your photo is beautiful! Just like you. I jumped in quickly to see how you are doing. My life is crazy as usual. I miss you!

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