Best Friends… now & forever…

They both fought “it” until they could fight it no more… he said “the word”… you know, the “L” word.  Capital, Upper Case “L”.  BIG!!! HUGE!!! stuff we’re talking about here.  She said, “I don’t want to hear about that…” to him but he was not to be discouraged.  He knew it.  She knew it.  They were smitten with one another.  Somewhere along the path of life, they had become the best of friends… confidantes… trusting one other with their innermost thoughts.  Of course, the natural progression was to fall into “L” but why ruin a good thing?  No, not a good thing, a GREAT thing.  This “thing” was something neither of them had ever experienced before in life.  So, when he left her to fend for herself that day… that dreadful, worst day of her life… a BIG!!! HUGE!!! gift was left in her heart.  Her best friend wasn’t gone.  He continued to live in her heart.  He stayed in her head.  His smile… his laugh… his gentleness… his presence lived on and it lives on now & forever… because that’s how it is when you finally find “it” with that special person in life who will always be known in your heart as your “Best Friend”.  Best Friends never end… they stay together through the now & into the forever…  


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